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213 North Nugent Ave Johnson City, TX 78636  (210) 307-7381

213 N Nugent Ave
Johnson City TX 78636
(210) 307-7381

Aug 7, 2021  @ 12 PM-1 PM: Wine Bottle Cutting Class

Come drink wine with us and learn how to cut wine bottles for making beautiful home decor! Because we're going to be c utting glass and drinking wine, our insurance agent is under his desk in the fetal position hearing after hearing about this one!  We'll keep it safe and have a lot of fun!


FREE for Wine Club members but anyone can attend for just $10!  


What to bring:  One pair of protective gloves (leather preferably). We'll supply everything else.  We have a few empty bottles around here! 

Register for this class by clicking here.


Aug 28, 2021  @ 12 PM-6 PM: Platinum Wine Club Pick-Up Party!!

Platinum Wine Club members exclusive pick up party with free food and live music! Watch artist Scott Wilson paint beautiful wall art - and you can enter to win it that day!  


FREE for Wine Club members but anyone can attend if you're considering joining our awesome wine club!  


Registration is not necessary so just get in here and have a great time!


Alex Anthony Vineyards is located at the historic downtown Courthouse Square in downtown Johnson City!